Life In Camouflage

Welcome to Life in Camouflage! We believe that with every situation comes many different perspectives and we invite you to come on in and share your experiences of life in the military. We believe that every person is impacted by the military whether you are a military service member; a spouse; a girlfriend; a boyfriend; a daughter; a son; a sibling; a parent; a grandchild; a grandparent; a friend; or even if you know nothing about the military life, but want to hear more…this is a site for you!

We, the creators of Life in Camouflage, fit into many of those roles listed above, to include: son, daughter, granddaughter, spouse, service member, parent, sibling and friend. With each of these roles, comes a completely different perspective of military life. Our goal is to give you a chance to share your experiences and further unite the military culture. We are very proud of our service to the military, no matter which role is filled, and we want to hear your stories as well!

We invite you to share the good, the bad and the ugly because we know, all too well, that while military life is very fulfilling and honorable, it is not always easy. Please understand that each post will be reviewed to ensure that Operational Security (OPSEC) is enforced to protect those of our military service members still in conflict as well as protecting our citizens. Furthermore, we want to hear your experiences as long as the language is clean and the content is respectful.

Head on over to the “Tell us your story” page and give us your perspective. Looking forward to hearing your stories!

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